How to Choose the Best Allianz Travel Insurance for Your Trip to Australia 2023

Friends You’ve booked the flights, packed your bags, and are ready to explore tropical Queensland or soak up the vibrancy of Sydney—but have you remembered one of the most important things you need for your trip to Australia? Travel insurance.

Travel insurance can offer peace of mind on vacation, so having the right coverage is a must. Allianz offers a range of travel insurance options for trips to Australia and other destinations around the world. But how do you select the best coverage for your needs? Let’s take a closer look at Allianz Travel Insurance and how it might meet your needs.

1. Benefits of Allianz Travel Insurance

You know that travel insurance is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your belongings in the event of an emergency or unplanned costs. But, as you plan for your trip to Australia, you may be wondering what Allianz Travel Insurance has to offer that makes it stand out from other providers.

First and foremost, Allianz Travel Insurance offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are covered. Whether you purchase a basic plan or more comprehensive coverage, you can be sure that if your plans change or something unexpected happens while in Australia, Allianz can provide the necessary financial protection.

Additionally, Allianz offers some great perks like concierge services, emergency medical evacuation coverage, and optional coverage for outdoor activities. This ensures that no matter where your travels take you in Australia, you are covered no matter what adventure awaits.

Finally, Allianz Travel Insurance provides competitive prices for their plans so you can rest assured that your coverage won’t break the bank.

2. Types of Allianz Travel Insurance Coverage Available

Are you planning a trip to Australia? Allianz Travel Insurance has several protection types to consider for your upcoming journey. Here’s a breakdown of the different coverages you can include in your plan.

  • Trip Cancelation: This coverage will reimburse you for prepaid, non-refundable expenses if you need to cancel or interrupt your trip due to a covered reason, like illness or a family emergency.
  • Lost Luggage: If your checked baggage is lost, stolen, or damaged while in transit, this type of coverage will help you replace any lost travel essentials.
  • Medical Expenses: Accidents and illnesses can happen when traveling abroad, so Allianz offers coverage for medical expenses that occur during your vacation if you become ill or injured. This includes hospital stays and doctor visits as well as emergency evacuation and repatriation back home if needed.
  • 24/7 Assistance: Allianz Travel Insurance includes access to 24-hour customer service from its global network of assistance providers should you need help while on your trip.

No matter what type of Australian adventure you have planned, it’s important to protect yourself with the right travel insurance policy so that you can focus on enjoying all there is to see and do Down Under!

3. Consider Your Needs Before Choosing a Plan

Before you choose a travel insurance plan from Allianz, you’ll want to make sure it meets your specific needs. Consider any activities that you plan to undertake, such as scuba diving or sky diving, as many plans do not cover these types of extreme sports. Additionally, if you’re already injured or have existing health conditions, make sure the policy covers any potential medical expenses.

When looking at an Allianz travel insurance plan for Australia, consider the following:

  • Does the plan cover any adventurous activities?
  • Does it provide medical evacuation coverage?
  • Do you need to purchase additional insurance for expensive items like smartphones or cameras?
  • Are any optional extras such as a rental car excess waiver included?

While it’s important to select a travel insurance plan that best meets your needs when visiting Australia, taking out an Allianz policy will ensure that regardless of the unpredictable circumstances during your trip, you’re covered with reliable and comprehensive protection.

4. How Much Does Allianz Travel Insurance Cost?

When it comes to travel insurance, the cost is definitely an important factor. You want to make sure that you get the coverage you need without breaking the bank.

Fortunately, Allianz travel insurance for Australia is reasonably priced and comes in packages that fit a range of budgets. Depending on the type of policy you want, you can expect rates starting from as low as $90.

If you’re looking for just basic coverage, a basic single-trip policy will provide benefits like medical assistance and emergency assistance, while more comprehensive plans will provide additional coverage such as cancelation coverage and accidental death & disablement cover.

To make sure you get the best coverage for your budget, make use of Allianz’s online comparison tool which allows you to easily compare different plans side by side and select the one that best suits your needs.

5. What’s Covered Under Allianz Travel Insurance?

When you’re considering an Allianz travel insurance policy for your trip to Australia, it’s important to first understand exactly what’s covered. Allianz covers a variety of things, such as:

  • Medical expenses and emergency medical transportation
  • Lost luggage, accidental death, and dismemberment coverage
  • Coverage for trip cancelations and interruptions
  • 24/7 customer care hotline

Knowing what is covered by your policy helps you decide whether the policy is right for you. You can also choose from a variety of additional coverages like rental car insurance or pre-existing medical condition coverage. Additionally, if you’re planning to do extreme sports or activities while in Australia, Allianz offers add-on policies that cover you while engaging in those activities.

It’s also important to consider what isn’t covered under the Allianz policy before signing up and purchasing coverage. Common exclusions include high-risk activities and events (such as bungee jumping for example), pre-existing medical conditions, and circumstances that occur due to an unlicensed driver operating a rental car.

Be sure to read all the fine print in the insurance policy so that you know exactly what’s included and excluded from your coverage.

6. Tips for Making the Most of Your Allianz Travel Insurance

Now that you know a bit more about Allianz travel insurance in Australia, you can make the most of the coverage by following some key tips.

Read the policy

Before purchasing a policy, make sure you read everything in it carefully. This will help you understand what’s covered and what’s not so that you can make an informed decision. You don’t want to find out after the fact that something wasn’t covered!

Consider your needs

Think about all of the potential risks associated with your upcoming trip and purchase coverage that best meets those needs. For example, if you plan on doing a lot of adventurous activities on your holiday, then you may want to consider additional coverage for higher-risk activities.

Purchase before departure

It’s important to purchase your coverage before your trip begins to ensure that any potential claims are eligible for reimbursement. Delays or cancelations caused by factors outside your control will not be reimbursed if they occur after your policy has been purchased.

Understand limits and exclusions

Check for any additional limits or exclusions for specific countries or situations before signing up so there aren’t any surprises later down the line. Also familiarize yourself with any requirements such as getting a doctor’s note if needed, as this could affect claims in the future.

Following these tips will help ensure that you get the best Allianz travel insurance in Australia, tailored to fit your individual needs and budget!


No trip to Australia is complete without the right travel insurance – and Allianz Travel Insurance is the perfect fit for the job. With a wide variety of cover levels to suit your budget and needs, you can choose the best policy to provide you with peace of mind while you explore the Land Down Under.

From the basics of medical cover to additional benefits such as lost luggage and stolen items, Allianz Travel Insurance has you covered – literally and figuratively. So, don’t forget to pack your Allianz Travel Insurance policy on your next trip!

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